Since the program initially launched in September, 2019 more than 45 people have enrolled in The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®. The program introduces participants to new tools and strategies to overcome obstacles in life. The online course is self-paced which allows students to complete the lessons and activities in their spare time.

“By identifying your strengths, you can begin to use them to help you achieve almost anything,” says Lori Fisher. Ms. Fisher is a Mobility Mentor that helps students navigate the Bridge program at Southside Hope CDC. “The Bridge helps identify the executive function skills we all use every day. Armed with knowledge of the tools you already possess, you can better tackle obstacles and goals to succeed.”

The tools provided in the program are helping students achieve great results.

“Great Program. Accessible, easy to navigate, very direct, and not an overload of information. Strategies taught are useful and easy to implement immediately. The program meets participants where they are and plays on participants’ strengths,” shared Jasmine Wooten, a recent graduate.

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