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Bridging the Gap to Self-Sufficiency

A new online program to help participants apply proven strategies for success to all aspects of life. You'll learn to recognize and reward success on a new scale, stay motivated and on track.

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Support our efforts to rehabilitate and preserve affordable, safe homes and rentals for families, senior citizens and veterans in our community.

Join us in making a positive impact in our community.  Your support allows Southside Hope to promote stable neighborhoods, home ownership and long term residency in Far South Columbus.

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If you prefer, you can donate by mail.  Make checks payable to: Southside Hope CDC, 2935 Bulen Ave., Columbus, OH  43207
Corporate partners and sponsors are welcomed. Contact us to learn more.

Our Mission

Southside Hope’s mission is to embrace the community, enhance the environment, and enlighten the Spirit of individuals in our surrounding community.

Affordable Housing

We are advocates for safe, affordable housing in South Columbus. Our initiatives promote long-term residency.

Stable Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods made of mixed-income individuals and families benefit our schools, local businesses, and the entire community.

A Stronger Community

We encourage connecting with neighbors and participating in local civic groups to access valuable community resources.

Lend Your Voice
Help shape the future of our community.

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