Southside Hope’s mission is to embrace the community, enhance the environment, and enlighten the Spirit of individuals in our surrounding community.

Our Community

Connect with neighbors, valuable community resources, and growth opportunities.

Discover why Far South Columbus is emerging as a great place to live, work, play and worship.

Your Voice Matters

Participate in civic meetings and community sponsored events. Lend your voice and support the future of our community.

Affordable Housing Initiatives by Southside Hope Community Development Corporation

Affordable Housing

Many people struggle to find housing that fits within their budget. We are committed to helping change that.

We are advocates for safe, affordable housing options in South Columbus. Our initiatives focus on helping people find a place to call “Home.”

Stable Neighborhoods

A diverse community of mixed-income individuals and families provides a solid foundation for neighborhood stability. Long term residency benefits our schools, our businesses, and the entire community.

Southside Hope Community Development Corporation is an advocate for stable neighborhoods


Southside Hope promotes stable neighborhoods. We sponsor beautification and homeownership initiatives. Learn more about upcoming home buyer workshops.