The Bridge Financial Empowerment Series

The Bridge to Success

Southside Hope offers a variety of free workshops to strengthen individuals, families and our neighborhoods. Our topics focus on:

  • Family and Housing Stability
  • Financial Management
  • Mental and Physical Health
  • Ideal Careers and Education

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® program is ideal for adults with a strong desire to reach greater goals for their family. The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® program provides new tools, while participants do the hard work to achieve specific goals related to housing, family, wellness, finances, employment and career. Together, we bridge the gap between dreams and success.

The program includes in-person classes held weekly for 4 weeks.

Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® Program

If you are interested, complete the Bridge to Success Program Application.

First Time Home Buyer Workshop

Learn the steps to build financial stability and generational wealth for your family. Participants are taken through the home buying process and learn the steps to get started.
2-hour in-person workshop

Your Finances and Credit

Learn the basics to create a solid financial plan to build and repair your credit. 3-hour in-person workshop