The Bridge to Success

Do you dream of a better job, a more affordable home or just ending the struggle to meet your monthly living expenses?

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® program is designed to help low-income parents reach greater goals for their family. The program provides new tools to bridge the gap between dreams and success.

A Focused Approach

Participants learn to make choices and decisions that keep them focused and moving forward toward goals. Working with a Mobility Mentor, participants set attainable goals related to housing, family, wellness, finances, employment and career.


Most of the weekly lessons and activities are completed online. Participants get a new computer and software needed to complete the online classes.


Participants are paired with a Mobility Mentor to help navigate the program. A printed workbook is also provided.

Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® Program

Classes begin soon!

The Bridge to Success Enrollment


Participants in the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency Program must:

  • Adult with a child under age 18
  • Franklin County resident
  • Desire to set and accomplish personal goals
  • Household income at or below 200% of FPG (see below)

This program requires internet access. A computer and software needed to complete the online program components will be provided for those that qualify.

Participant Income Guidelines

Household Family Size (include mom,
and dad/ legal guardian and children)
Monthly household income
must be below this amount

To learn more, call 614-886-9922 or complete the form below.

The Bridge to Success

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