Southside Hope CDC is introducing a new program to help individuals improve their financial stability, achieve more in the future, and benefit all aspects of their life.   The online course is self-paced and can be accessed via any mobile device or computer.  The program includes on-demand video topics, activities, interactive assessments, and quizzes.

Bridge to Success

Bridging the Gap to Self-Sufficiency

The new program targets individuals with a desire to improve their lives, but who may be struggling to achieve success.  Specifically, the course helps participants discover how to recognize and reward success on a new scale, stay motivated and on track, and how to apply proven strategies to all aspects of life.

“Southside Hope CDC was founded to strengthen our community by helping individuals reach their full potential within it,” says director, Lori Fisher.  “We’re excited to launch this program as a way to help people become and maintain self-sufficiency–a key factor in thriving neighborhoods.”

Self-RegulationThe newly launched online course introduces participants to the EMPATH Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® –a tool to pace and measure their milestones and accomplishments.  The course also gives participants access to resources available to help them navigate those barriers and challenges.

“The course is free and designed for busy people,” Ms. Fisher shares.  “It helps them to  identify their strengths, along with areas that may pose a challenge or be barriers.”

The “Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®” course officially launches today on Southside Hope’s website.

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