Litter Free Lawns in South Columbus

Litter Free Lawns

Keep Columbus Beautiful and Lowes have partnered to launch Litter-Free-Lawns. Homeowners, tenants and landlords are encouraged to join this effort to have a visually clean street every week.

Money Management Workshop

REGISTER NOW! Imagine you could instantly create a better way to manage your finances in 2020. REGISTER NOW! Think of how much more freedom you’d have to spend on what you really want. Perhaps you’d improve your credit score to buy a car, pay off high interest loans, or finally Read more…

Start line to Reach Your Goals

Reach Your Goals

We’ve partnered with OSU Extension to bring money management and rent smart workshops to the Marion-Franklin area. We’re excited to help more residents achieve their financial goals in 2020.

Evictions - How to Avoid Them


A record number of evictions are being filed in Franklin County each month. Understanding your responsibilities and knowing your rights as a tenant can help avoid an eviction. 

Know Your Rights to Spot Scammers

Know Your Rights

Your home is one of the most valuable assets you own.  Know your rights and learn how to spot the red flags to protect it from predators. Find housing resources and free legal help for low-income and seniors.