Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® Program

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® program provides training and skills to help participants advance their personal goals and achievement in five key areas of economic mobility:

  • · Family Stability
  • · Well Being
  • · Financial Management
  • · Education & Training
  • · Employment & Career

Participants attend in-person classes and utilize online tools and a workbook to complete the curriculum. The workbook includes activities and tools to help them learn new techniques to cope with challenges and barriers that may be holding them back.  The program uses the EMPATH Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® and other strategies provided to help the participants pace and measure milestones and accomplishments. 

The Role of Program Mentors

During the 6-week program, participants are paired with a Mobility Mentor® to help them stay on track. As a mentor you will help the participant to identify challenges to goals, as well as strategies to address them.  Your role is to help support their progress on the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® by helping them recognize and celebrate the goals they set and reach.  You are to be the “coach”, and the participant is the star “player”. 


  • Commitment to weekly meetings with participant for 6 weeks
  • Reporting on participant progress toward goals
  • Previous mentoring experience preferred, but not required

If you would like to help other adults achieve goals toward self-sufficiency, please complete the Mobility Mentor Application below.

Mobility Mentoring