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The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®

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About Course

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® program is designed to help transform and improve the financial future for participants. The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® helps achieve more goals in all aspects of life.  Participants discover new techniques to cope with challenges and barriers that may be holding them back.   They learn to make choices and decisions that keep them focused and moving forward toward goals. As part of the Bridge Financial Empowerment Series, this program helps reach goals regarding family, housing, finances, career and employment.  

What Will You Learn?

  • How to get ahead and fulfill dreams
  • How to set and achieve more goals
  • How to cope with challenges and barriers

Course Content

Getting Started
This program is designed to give you new tools to bridge the gap between your dreams and your success. You can access the online program anytime on any mobile device or computer with internet access. Let's get started with a brief introduction and tips for success.

  • The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency Week 1
  • Program Overview
  • Your Personal Growth and Development
  • Introduction to Mobility Mentoring®
  • ACTIVITY: Before You Get Started
  • ACTIVITY: Take the Survey
  • Tips for Success
  • More Tips for Success

What’s In My Control?

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
This topic explores how to create goals that offer the best chance for success.

Executive Function Skills
Understanding your planning, self-control, and monitoring skills can help you achieve bigger goals. This topic explores the 12 executive functions that you use every day to get things done.

Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®
The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® is science-based tool proven to improve your problem-solving and goal-achievement skills.

Family Stability

Well Being

Financial Management

Education and Training

Employment and Career

Staying on Track
Mobility mentoring provides a way to look at how things in your life are changing over time. Your coach will support your progress on the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency by helping you recognize and celebrate the goals you set and reach.

Student Ratings & Reviews

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5 months ago
This course was a true eye opener for me and helped me maintain my goals. Ms. Lori and Ms. Shannon were wonderful and very easy to talk too.

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