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This online course is designed to give you new tools to bridge the gap between your dreams and your success. Our goal is to help you improve your financial stability over time and to achieve more of your goals in the future. We're here to help you navigate the program at your own pace. You can access it anytime via any mobile device or computer with internet access. Let's get started with a brief introduction and tips to navigate the program.
Understanding Your Brain
Brain science has identified the way you interpret information and the triggers that affect your emotions, relationships, reactions, and decisions. This topic will take a closer look at your brain and how it connects you to the world outside.
Executive Function Skills
Understanding your planning, self-control, and monitoring skills can help you achieve bigger goals. This topic explores the 12 executive functions that you use every day to get things done.
Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®
The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® is science-based tool proven to improve your problem-solving and goal-achievement skills.
Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
This topic explores how to create goals that offer the best chance for success.
Staying on Track
Mobility mentoring provides a way to look at how things in your life are changing over time. Your coach will support your progress on the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency by helping you recognize and celebrate the goals you set and reach.
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A self-sufficient adult needs no outside help in satisfying their basic needs.  They earn enough from working to take care of their housing, food, and other living expenses.

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® shows you the path to self-sufficiency on one piece of paper so you can begin to set and achieve goals for the future.

This tool identifies five key pillars of adult life, and explains how to navigate the connections between them.  

  • Family Stability
  • Well Being
  • Financial Management
  • Education & Training
  • Employment & Career

A solid foundation is always built from the ground up.  The pillars of the bridge serve as a foundation for achieving future goals and self-sufficiency.  The tool is just a snapshot of where you are at a given time.  It is NOT an indication of your potential.   

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